19017-COMM-TI Commercial Tenant Improvement
1380 Commerce Pl
Ferndale,  WA  98248
Parcel #: 390233 418454 0000
Status: Closed
Submitted: 9/20/2019
Approved: 11/26/2019
Issued: 11/26/2019
Closed: 12/1/2020
Required: 21
Complete: 21
Total Fees:
Additional fees may be required
Project: Complete tenant improvements for office and storage space on existing shell located at 1390 Commerce Place, Ferndale, WA 98248

Public Notice
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License #: 003148.0


Parcel(s) associated with your permit.
Parcel Owner Address
390233 418454 0000 MAHMOUD B & YANOLLA G BOULOS 1380 Commerce Place
Ferndale,  WA 98248

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Submittal Required Received Accepted
Application Yes 9/25/2019 10/3/2019
Proof of ownership Yes 10/3/2019 10/3/2019
Owner Consent Form Yes 10/3/2019 10/3/2019
City of Ferndale Business License Yes 10/3/2019 10/3/2019
Contractor's License Yes 10/3/2019 10/3/2019
Site Plan Yes 9/23/2019 10/21/2019
Construction Drawings Yes 9/23/2019 10/21/2019
Engineering Yes 9/23/2019 10/21/2019
IBC/WSEC Non-Residential Energy Code Yes 9/23/2019 10/21/2019
Conditions Acknowledgement (Signature Required) Yes 12/1/2020 12/1/2020

Approval Steps
Follow your application through the approval process.
Step Status Date
Completeness Review Application Complete 10/10/2019
Permit Specialist Approved 11/26/2019
Planning Department Review Approve with Conditions 11/26/2019
Building Plans Examiner Approved 10/21/2019
Public Works Review/Approval Approve with Conditions 11/18/2019
Permit Specialist Approved 11/26/2019

Start Complete Applicant Response

Fixture Quantity Per Unit Value
Air Handling Unit < or = to 10,000 CFM 30 $77.00 $2,310.00
Water Closet (Toilet) 12 $7.00 $84.00
Lavatory 13 $7.00 $91.00
Sink and/or Disposal 3 $7.00 $21.00
Vent Fan 11 $8.00 $88.00
Urinal 3 $7.00 $21.00
Slop Sink 1 $7.00 $7.00
Gas Piping (Each Additional Outlet) 25 $1.00 $25.00
Gas Piping (1-5 Outlets) 1 $5.00 $5.00
Water Heater 1 $11.00 $11.00
Shower 2 $7.00 $14.00
Total: $2,677.00

Valuations are based on the total cost associated with the construction of the project, including labor and materials.
Valuation Quantity Rate Value
Entered 3200000.00 $1.00  / DOLLARS $3,200,000.00
Total: $3,200,000.00

All deposits are due prior to review of any permit applications. Please make payment of the DEPOSIT as soon as possible. If you wish to pay by check your invoice will be uploaded under NOTES at the bottom of your permit summary. Please print the invoice and drop it at City Hall or you can mail it to the Permit Center. If you do not see your invoice listed under notes, please contact the Permit Specialist. All permit applications that do not have the deposit paid within 14 days will be canceled.
Fee Amount
Building Permit Fee $12,538.75
State Surcharge Fee $25.00
Building Inspection Fee $100.00
Building Plan Check Deposit $3,690.73
Building Plan Check Fee $8,150.19
Mechanical Permit Fee $2,480.00
Archive $10.00
Building Plan Check Credit -$3,690.73
Plumbing Permit Fee $278.00
Water Connection Fee $50,214.34
Traffic Mitigation Impact Fee $105,678.00
Sewer Connection Fee $78,453.09
Water Meter Fee - 2" $1,581.00
Total : $259,508.37

Type Number Amount Issued Expires Completed

Completed On
Temporary Erosion Sediment Control 10/26/2020
Slab Plumbing 12/6/2019
Slab Insulation 11/6/2020
Thickened Footings 1/30/2020
Thickened Footings 5/22/2020
Sheathing 11/6/2020
Thickened Footings 11/6/2020
Plumbing 5/28/2020
Mechanical 5/28/2020
Gas Pipe 8/28/2020
Framing 4/22/2020
Insulation 6/9/2020
Ceiling Grid 8/26/2020
Side Sewer Connection 10/26/2020
Storm Drain Connection 10/26/2020
Water Meter Set 10/7/2020
Perimeter Drain 10/26/2020
Backflow Assembly Installation Inspection 10/26/2020
Final - Planning 10/27/2020
Final-Public Works 12/1/2020
Final Building 11/6/2020

Structure Use Occupancy Type Square Footage
tenant improvement for office / warehouse Business Business / Storage, moderate hazard 27500

These are the conditions of the permit. Once the permit has been reviewed and approved you must print the PERMIT, or CONDITIONS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, sign it and upload back to the submittal. The signed permit must be received prior to any inspection requests.
PERMIT APPROVAL: The applicant is authorized to perform work per the approved permit and plans, if any; subject to field inspections, special inspections, corrections, and provisions of plan review. The issuing of this permit shall not be construed as approval of any violation of any applicable code or ordinance. All work must conform to the standards as required in the International Building Code, International Residential Code and/or the City Ordinances. Any such work performed without appropriate permits is subject to summary removal. The issuance of this permit is based upon review and approval of application and plans, if any, submitted and shall not prevent the Building Official orv designee from thereafter requiring the correction of errors.
DEVIATION FROM APPROVED PERMIT: Any deviation in work from the approved permit and plans require prior review and approval by the City of Ferndale Building Division.
RE-INSPECTION: Fees will be imposed after 2nd re-inspection and any subsequent re-inspections for the same item(s).
PERMIT EXPIRATION: Pursuant to FMC 15.04.210 it shall be the responsibility of the building permit holder to maintain the permit in active status. The City has no responsibility to remind, notify, track or otherwise affirmatively advise the permit holder of the status of any building permit.
I hereby acknowledge that I have read this permit and agree to comply with all City Ordinances, the IBC/IRC/IFC and State Laws regulating activities covered by this permit. I understand that failure to comply with this permit, conditions of approval, inspection or building/zoning codes in place at time application was approved will result in penalties and /or fines pursuant to the Ferndale Municipal Code. I acknowledge that this permit,and any of it's conditions represents the final determination of the City of Ferndale and may be appealed within 10 calendar days of the decision pursuant to Ferndale Municipal Code 14.11.070.
Per RCW 18.27.110 All contractors who perform work, advertise or submit bids or proposals in the State of Washington must be registered with the Department of Labor and Industries, post a bond and carry general liability insurance. Failure to comply with the contractor registration laws may result in the potential risk and monetary liability to the homeowner for using an unregistered contractor. Contractors are also required to have a current City of Ferndale business license.
All work must comply with the approved site plan dated 10-09-19, signed by Assistant Planner, Jesse Ashbaugh.
Building connection to Public utilities must be done in conformance with the 8/20/18 approved lots 27,37 and 38 civil plans and specifications. Sewer discharge point as shown may need to be modified to work better with installed service location. All utility connections will be inspected and approved by Public Works prior to cover. Contact Larry Honeycutt at (360)685-2366 to schedule inspection as needed. Allow a minimum of 24 Hrs. notice for said inspection.
Water and Sewer Connection Fees: The City assesses water and sewer connection fees based on a unit referred to as an Equivalent Residentials Unit (ERU). One ERU equals 210-gallons of water used per day. The City estimated 0.4-ERU's are used for every 1,000 square feet of office use and 0.1-ERU's are used for every 10,000 square feet of warehouse use. For this permit, the City considers the parking garage, shop and associated shop restroom to be "warehouse use." A credit of 0.28 ERU's will be applied toward the future water usage of tenant based on the connection fees assessed on the original shell building permit number 18001-COMM-SHELL. Water and Sewer connection rates per ERU are $6,446.00 and $10,071.00 resulting in water and sewer connection fees calculated below. Office Building Use: 20,000 SF x 0.4 ERUs/1,000 SF = 8 ERUs Storage/Warehouse Use (for shop with restroom): 7,000 SF x 0.1 ERU's/10,000 SF = .07 ERU's Total: 8.07 ERU's - 0.28 ERU's = 7.79 ERU's Water: 7.79 ERUs x $6,446.00 = $50,214.34 Sewer: 7.79 ERUs x $10,071.00 = $78.453.09 Per FMC 13.08.170.D.2 & FMC 13.20.100.F.4., if the actual water usage exceeds twenty five percent or more of the assessed water and sewer connection fees twelve months after occupancy, the applicant is required to pay the additional connection fees. Traffic Impact Fees: Traffic impact fees are assessed based on PM peak Hour trips generated between 4-6PM. The City charges $3,090 per PM Peak Hour trip. The Traffic Generation Manual, 10th edition, estimates a PM peak hour trip rate of 1.71 trips per 1,000 SF of Government Office Use space. Government Office Use (730) per the Trip General Manual 10th Edition ITE Manual is defined as, "A government office building is an individual building containing either the entire function or simply one agency of a city, county, state, federal, or other governmental unit. This type of building differs from a government office complex (Land Use 733) in that is not a group of buildings that are interconnected by pedestrian walkways." No traffic trips were assessed on the previous permit number 18001-COMM-SHELL, therefore no trip credits will be applied. Traffic Impact Fee rates per trip are $3,090.00 resulting in the traffic impact fees calculated below. Government Office Use: 20,000 SF x 1.71 trips/1,000 SF = 34.2 trips x $3,090 = $105,678.00 Note, the 7,000 parking garage was excluded from the traffic impact fee calculation. The parking garage is no expected to generate additional trips since it is associated with the government office use.

Required Permits
Type Requirement For Number Status